Discussion | WWW Wednesday #5

Hello, fellow readers! My reading seems to have slowed down a bit, so I hope I am not falling into a slump. I usually start to get anxiety about going back to work, but this year there’s even more anxiety because we don’t know what the new school year will look like. Hopefully I can push through my two current reads without falling into a slump. Continue reading “Discussion | WWW Wednesday #5”

Discussion | WWW Wednesday #1

Hello, fellow readers! I hope you all are well and finding ways to keep yourself occupied during the COVID-19 quarantine. I am on week two and finding it difficult to be motivated each day. I am falling into somewhat of a routine of waking up, having my coffee, then doing a workout (at home!). After that, I take a shower and eat lunch. The afternoons are when I start to go stir crazy. Ironically, I feel the most motivated at night after about 8:00. I guess I start to feel remorse or guilt for not doing anything productive. Continue reading “Discussion | WWW Wednesday #1”