Discussion | WWW Wednesday #1

Hello, fellow readers! I hope you all are well and finding ways to keep yourself occupied during the COVID-19 quarantine. I am on week two and finding it difficult to be motivated each day. I am falling into somewhat of a routine of waking up, having my coffee, then doing a workout (at home!). After that, I take a shower and eat lunch. The afternoons are when I start to go stir crazy. Ironically, I feel the most motivated at night after about 8:00. I guess I start to feel remorse or guilt for not doing anything productive. Continue reading “Discussion | WWW Wednesday #1”

Discussion | Social Distancing and Reading Updates

Hello, fellow readers! It has been couple of weeks since I checked in. It is hard to feel motivated to keep up a reading blog when I haven’t really been reading much and haven’t been enjoying what I am reading. I know we are all dealing with some stress and anxiety over COVID-19 or the coronavirus, and I am by no means blaming that for my lack of content or reading, but it has affected my ability to focus on reading right now.

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Discussion | 20 Backlist Books to Read in 2020

Hello, fellow readers! Today I am discussing 20 backlist books I want to read in 2020. A backlist title is a book that was released in a previous year. There are certainly more than these 20 books on my backlist TBR, but these are the 20 books I am hoping to get to this year. The books are in order of when I added them to my Goodreads TBR list.

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Discussion | Reflecting on The New Year’s Book Tag from 2019

Hello, fellow readers! I was reading a tag I did last January and thought it would be fun to reflect on the prompts and see if I accomplished some of the goals I set for myself in 2019! I have reposted the tag with my original answers and added my reflection for each prompt in italics!

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Book List | If You Like… Then You’ll Like… #1

Today I am bringing you a bit of a twist on the “If You Like… Then You’ll Like…” book list. I want to recommend books to you based on movies or TV shows! I am sure this is not an original idea, but usually this list is for recommending books based on other books or book series that you may have enjoyed. It was not as easy as I thought it would be to write this post since so many movies and TV shows are book adaptations now! While I do want my blog to remain mostly book related content, I thought it would be fun to incorporate one of my other loves for a little variety!

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Discussion | Books I Am Taking on Vacation

Hello, readers! Today I am running around like a crazy woman while I pack for our cruise. To get to our port, we will have to drive about 9-10 hours one way, so I am definitely taking some books along for the ride! I also hope to get some quality reading time on the beaches one day. I always overpack for trips, and I’m afraid my book list for the trip is no exception!

So let’s talk about my vacation reads this year!

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