Book List | Thriller Recommendations

Hello, fellow readers! Unfortunately, shelter-in-place/quarantine for COVID-19 has not ended here. My state closed school for the remainder of the semester., so I am finding myself with even more time than usual on my hands! I thought I would do something useful and recommend some thriller books to help you pass the time and forget about what is going on in the world.

Note: I will be including books if they are classified as a thriller on Goodreads. 

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Book List | Five Star TBR Predictions #1

This week, booksandlala updated us on her five star TBR predictions, and I was inspired to do the same with my current TBR! You can check out her video here.

So I know everyone (myself included!) says in every post that their TBR is out of control, but mine has snowballed! I am participating in Read What You Own this month, but I’ve only read two books. So I read two books I own, then I ordered from Book Outlet. Twice. And then my two library holds came in on the same day, so I have both of those books to read as well. Needless to say, I have quite a pile of books to read right now.

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Book List | If You Like… Then You’ll Like… #1

Today I am bringing you a bit of a twist on the “If You Like… Then You’ll Like…” book list. I want to recommend books to you based on movies or TV shows! I am sure this is not an original idea, but usually this list is for recommending books based on other books or book series that you may have enjoyed. It was not as easy as I thought it would be to write this post since so many movies and TV shows are book adaptations now! While I do want my blog to remain mostly book related content, I thought it would be fun to incorporate one of my other loves for a little variety!

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