Movie Review | Midsommar (2019)

Hi and welcome! This is the first post in my new blog section, Watch With Allison. Although I love to read, I also love a good Netflix binge, so I wanted to incorporate that in my blog somehow. I hope you will enjoy this new section of my blog, as it will expand my posts beyond just book and reading and offer more unique content! My first movie review is a spoiler-free review of Midsommar.

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Blogoween 2018 | Halloween (2018) Review

Today’s Blogoween post is a little later than usual. I went to see the new Halloween movie this afternoon, so I will be giving you my review today. I am a huge fan of John Carpenter’s original 1978 movie and the (relevant) sequels. Yes, I even watch Halloween III: Season of the Witch every year. But I do not watch Rob Zombie’s attempts at the franchise.

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