Review | The God Game by Danny Tobey

Hello, fellow readers! Part of my 2020 reading goals is to stay on top on my ARCs. I am about a week late reviewing this title, but I am pleased that I still read it in the month of release! Another 2020 reading goal is to read more “big books.” The God Game has about 450 pages, which I am counting as a big book. I don’t usually read books with more than 300-350 pages!

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Movie Review | Midsommar (2019)

Hi and welcome! This is the first post in my new blog section, Watch With Allison. Although I love to read, I also love a good Netflix binge, so I wanted to incorporate that in my blog somehow. I hope you will enjoy this new section of my blog, as it will expand my posts beyond just book and reading and offer more unique content! My first movie review is a spoiler-free review of Midsommar.

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Discussion | Reflecting on The New Year’s Book Tag from 2019

Hello, fellow readers! I was reading a tag I did last January and thought it would be fun to reflect on the prompts and see if I accomplished some of the goals I set for myself in 2019! I have reposted the tag with my original answers and added my reflection for each prompt in italics!

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Review | Recursion by Blake Crouch

Hello, fellow readers! I finished my first book of 2020, and it was definitely a memorable one! I am so glad I finally picked up Recursion by Blake Crouch. I picked this as my Book of the Month pick in June 2019, and then I put it to the side, waiting for the “right time” to read.

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2019 Wrap Up | The Best Books I Read in 2019

Hello, fellow readers! Today’s post is the last one in my 2019 Wrap Up series. It was really hard to narrow down the best books I read in 2019. All of these books were 5 stars reads, but I had more 5 star reads than this in 2019. I ended up getting my list down to 10 of the best books from 2019. These are the books that stand out the most in my mind when I reflect on my 2019 reading. They are listed in the order I read them because it was too hard to order them!

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2019 Wrap Up | The Worst Books I Read in 2019

Hello, fellow readers! Admittedly, this list is going to be short and sweet, but I consider that a good thing! I read a lot of disappointing books in 2019, but there were very few that I just did hated. Some of the books on this list even earned a three star rating from me, but only because I recognize that it was not for me or did not live up to my expectations.

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2019 Wrap Up | The Most Surprising Books I Read in 2019

Hello, fellow readers! Today I will be discussing the most surprising books I read in 2019. These are the books that took me by surprise because I did not expect to love them as much as I did. This is not a list of my favorite books of 2019, although you will see a few of these on that list when I post it!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Historical fiction is not my jam, much less historical romance, but Seven Husbands really took me by surprise! I listened to the audiobook of this book, and I was captivated from the very beginning. This is a book that deserves every bit of the hype it has received.

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

Yet another romance book, but Josh and Hazel is more of a chick-lit than romance. I also listened to the audiobook of this, and I would actually laugh hysterically when I was listening in the car! I know the people who saw me thought I was insane, but Hazel was hilarious and adorable. I knew how this would play out, but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the book at all.

A Nearly Normal Family by M.T. Edvardsson

I was sent an ARC of this title and was very iffy about reading it. A Nearly Normal Family is marketed as a legal thriller, but it was not all about the court room drama! Instead, you read the story from three different POVs, one for each member of the family, and you will be guessing if the daughter is guilty or innocent until the very last page!

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

The ending of Behind Her Eyes has a ton of hype surrounding it and rightfully so! This was unlike any other psychological thriller I’ve ever read, and it put me in a huge reading slump afterwards because nothing was going to compare to that ending! It is best not to know anything going in to this one. Just go in blind and enjoy the ride!

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

This is another ARC I received from a publisher, and I was really unsure about it too. This book pulled from a reading slump because I could not put it down! I read it in one day because reading it was effortless and I was so drawn in to the story and how all the POVs were going to come together in the end!

What were some of the most surprising books you read in 2019? Let me know in the comments!

2019 Wrap Up | The Most Disappointing Books I Read in 2019

Hello, fellow readers! I am continuing my 2019 Wrap Up today with the most disappointing books I read in 2019. This list will include books I was looking forward to in 2019 that missed the mark for me. This list is not the same as the worst books I read in 2019, but you will see a few repeats on that list when I post it! As usual, if you see one of your favorites on this list, please remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion please be kind when leaving comments.

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