Hello, fellow readers! Welcome to Read With Allison. I’m Allison, and I’ve been running this blog since June 2018.

As a kid, I didn’t go anywhere without a book (or two!). My parents will tell you about the time I walked down the mall (during the holidays) reading a book. Or how I couldn’t go to restaurant without reading a book the entire meal. My first love was The Baby-Sitters Club series. Then I moved on to Harry Potter.

Unfortunately, required reading in high school completely killed my love of reading. I did not care for most of the books we were assigned or on the approved selection list, so eventually I fell out of love with reading. I probably read less than ten books for pleasure during high school and college.

I still enjoyed perusing the bookstore, so in January 2018, I went to a Barnes and Noble just to browse. I overheard someone in the store asking about discounts or sales and discovered I was eligible for their discount membership because I am an educator. So I decided right there in the store that my new year’s resolution was to read one book a month that year.

I didn’t know where to begin when selecting books to read. On my quest to find books I would be interested in reading, I discovered bookstagram/Instagram. In May 2018, I decided to join the community and within two months, I was planning my blog.

You will find book reviews, book lists, and other bookish content here. I also want to branch out to movie/TV reviews and more lifestyle content in the future.

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Let’s read!