Discussion | Five Star Friday #3

Hello, fellow readers! I searched to see if this was a thing, but I never found any posts about it. Last week I started a new weekly meme/tag post called Five Star Friday!

Five Star Friday is a weekly meme where you post about one (or both!) of these prompts:

1. What was your last five star read and why did you love it?

2. What book on your TBR do you predict will be a five star read and why?

I would love to see everyone’s answers, so please link back here if you decide to participate and feel free to add your links in the comments! I know most of you probably have your post for today planned, but I do plan to keep this going every week!

Last Five Star Read:

I haven’t read a five star read this week.

Five Star Prediction

Malorie by Josh Malerman

I absolutely loved Bird Box two years ago. It was the first book that really pulled me out of a decade long reading slump. I could not put the book down!

While I do think Bird Box had a mostly satisfying ending, I can’t deny that I am excited to revisit this world.

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