Discussion | Five Star Friday #2

Hello, fellow readers! I searched to see if this was a thing, but I never found any posts about it. Last week I started a new weekly meme/tag post called Five Star Friday!

Five Star Friday is a weekly meme where you post about one (or both!) of these prompts:

1. What was your last five star read and why did you love it?

2. What book on your TBR do you predict will be a five star read and why?

I would love to see everyone’s answers, so please link back here if you decide to participate and feel free to add your links in the comments! I know most of you probably have your post for today planned, but I do plan to keep this going every week!

Last Five Star Read:

I haven’t read a five star read this week.

Five Star Prediction

Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

I read Vicious last summer and finally got my hands on the sequel this year (I waited for the paperback edition so my books would match). Vicious is about two college friends, Victor and Eli, who are working to prove EOs (ExtraOrdinaries) exist. EOs are people who have superhero-like abilities. Eventually, the two roommates begin to form a hypothesis on how EOs are created. And then they decide to experiment on themselves to prove their hypothesis. That is when things go horribly wrong for Victor and Eli. This book is great if you are just dipping a toe into the adult fantasy genre!

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