Review | The Return by Rachel Harrison

Hello, fellow readers! I recently started using Edelweiss more and was able to get a review copy of The Return by Rachel Harrison last week from Berkley. I was in the mood for a creepy story (always!), so I had high hopes going in to this one despite the mixed reviews.

A group of college friends reunite after their friend, Julie, returns from a two-year disappearance. Julie has no memory of what happened to her, and the friends book a long weekend at a quirky hotel in the Catskills. Once the friends arrive at the hotel, it quickly becomes obvious that Julie is not the same.

I am a bit disappointed with this book. I was very excited to read it because it sounded like a mix of chick-lit and horror.  My first problem with this book was the long chapters. I hate super long chapters because it makes it harder to find a stopping place and it makes the book seem longer.

Second, nothing happens. I mean nothing. The women just kind of bounce around from the dining area to one of their rooms and sit around talking. YAWN. These women are pretty boring too and they mostly talk about Julie and how she’s different now.

Third, the author missed an opportunity to use the setting in this story. A quirky hotel in the middle of nowhere with over-the-top themed rooms? Why are you not using that in the plot?! Especially since we were given some very detailed, long descriptions of each of the rooms.

Finally, the ending was just..meh. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s very obvious throughout the book what is happening, so there is no twist ending or shocking reveal in the final pages. If you’re okay with a slightly gory story that features mostly dialogue between a group of women, then you might enjoy this one. Unfortunately, it was not for me. 2.5 stars rounded up to 3 on Goodreads.

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