Tag Tuesday | The Netgalley Book Tag

Hello, fellow readers! I don’t remember where I saw this tag, but I saved the prompts in a draft and completely forgot about it until now! Netgalley is one of my favorite ways to request ARCs, even though sometimes I’m denied for an eARC and will get the physical ARC if I request it from the publisher. *shrug* I have written a series on requesting ARCs if you are interested or have not heard of Netgalley before.

Auto-Approved | Who’s One Author Whose Books You Automatically Want to Read, regardless of What They Are About?

I always read books by Riley Sager and Ruth Ware!

Request | What Makes You Want to Request a Book on NetGalley?

I try to limit myself, but since I have a Kindle now, I feel like I will read my eARCs quicker. I have been requesting a little more. Usually I only request books by authors I know I like or books I have seen hyped on bookstagram or booktube.

Feedback Ratio | Do You Review Every Book You Read? If Not, How Do You Decide What Books to Review?

In 2019, I did review every book I read on bookstagram and most of those reviews were also on my blog. I do review every book on Netgalley, even if I DNF them, so I can keep my ratio up! But I will not be posting reviews for every single book I read on bookstagram and my blog in 2020. I decided I don’t want to write negative reviews or reviews for books that I didn’t completely enjoy.

Badges | If You Could Create One Badge to Display on Your Blog, What Would It Be for?

I think a badge showing the genre I read most would be useful.

Wish for It | What’s One Book That You Are Absolutely Dying to Read?

I am dying for Riley Sager’s next book!

2019 NetGalley Challenge | What Was the Last Book That You Received as an ARC That You Reviewed? If You’ve Never Received One, What’s the Last Book You Reviewed?

The last ARC I reviewed was In Five Years by Rebecca Serle. I have actually been keeping up with my ARCs this year, partially because I haven’t had that many and I’ve only requested books I’m really interested in this year.

2 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday | The Netgalley Book Tag

  1. What a fun tag. It was fascinating to read your answers, Allison. I’m on Netgalley, too, and I’ve struggled with whether or not to give negative reviews. So far, I have, but not too many receive a mostly negative review, and those are the ones that I don’t share on Goodreads, Amazon, etc. Sigh. If only authors would write only fabulous books, life would be easier!!!


    1. I try to be very selective on what I request from Netgalley! I went crazy the first month I had it and ended up with books I wasn’t too interested in when I finally found time to read them! If I’m not enjoying the book, I usually just DNF and leave a review anyway, but I try to include something positive. Like the last book from Netgalley I tried was too slow, but I think some people would like the gothic setting, so it might be for them!


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