Review | The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

Hello, fellow readers! I made a goal to not only catch up on my BOTM backlist but to read my monthly pick sooner, preferably the month I pick it. I was successful in January because I chose The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James, which was one of my most anticipated books of 2020. Everyone was talking about this book, so I picked it up the last week of January and was immediately hooked.

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After Carly’s mother dies, she takes off to Fell, New York for a few days. The destination is not random though. Fell is the last known location of her aunt Viv, and now Carly has resolved to solve the mystery of what happened to her 35 years ago.

All Carly knows is Viv was working at The Sun Down Motel as the night clerk. She goes to the motel to take a look around. Instead, she ends up with a job working the same shift as Viv. Eventually Carly discovers there are multiple murders in Fell and begins to investigate them just like Viv did 35 years ago.

loved this book! There was a perfect mix of supernatural and murder mystery in The Sun Down Motel. I enjoyed the alternating timelines with perspectives from both Carly and Viv. This was kind of a slow burn at times, but it was done the right way! I never felt bored while reading it and each chapter flowed seamlessly to the next one.

The eerie setting of the run down motel was perfect for this story. I could feel the tension and isolation of Viv and Carly as they worked the night shift. Add to that the supernatural element, and you’ve got the perfect storm of a creepy and foreboding atmosphere.

This was my first five star book of 2020, and I have a feeling it will be on my best books of 2020 list! If you are interested in this title, you can pick it as an add-on in a Book of the Month subscription for only $9.99!

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