Review | The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Hello, fellow readers! I fell in love with The Cruel Prince two years ago and devoured the entire series. This series is far from perfect and I can only describe it as a fae soap opera that you keep tuning in to because you want to see what ridiculous thing will happen next.

Spoilers ahead because it was kind of unavoidable, plus I needed to get all my thoughts out there for discussion!

The Queen of Nothing picks up pretty soon after the events of The Wicked King. Jude is living with her sister, Viv, in the land of mortals after Cardan exiled her from Elfhame. When a deceptive opportunity presents itself, Jude cannot resist a return to Elfhame to claim the throne that is rightfully hers, even if it means facing Cardan after what he did to her.

This final book in the trilogy got some really bad reviews when it first released, so I kept pushing it back in my TBR despite my excitement for more Jude and Cardan (seriously, why do I love them so much?!). I can agree that this is the weakest installment in the series, and I have to wonder if the publisher pushed for an early release due to the hype last year. I think the first and second book each released in January 2018 and 2019, so everyone assumed the final book would also get a January release. But they pushed The Queen of Nothing up to a November 2019 release, and I think that was a mistake.

This book needed more meat to it, especially the resolution to the conflict at the end. The book builds up this huge event and every plot point is working towards that event. Then we get to the climax of the conflict and things just…end. If there wasn’t going to be an epic battle, then this series should have been condensed to a duology. And don’t even get me started on some of the obvious solutions to the problems in this book, especially the fact that Jude could have come back to Elfhame at anytime (Cardan said she could only return after pardon from the crown, but she’s the queen so…she’s the crown). Duh. I’m pretty sure every theory I saw on Twitter pointed that out, but Jude suddenly became dumb and didn’t see what was staring her in the face? I’m not buying it.

Despite these flaws, I still rated this book four stars because I enjoyed reading the book and flew through it in just a few days. I was overall satisfied with the end of the series, but of course I wanted (and hoped for) more than what I was given. I definitely feel going into the book knowing I might be disappointed lowered my expectations a bit, which might be why my rating is higher than most reviews.

Series Rating: avg. 4.5 stars
The Cruel Prince 4.5
The Wicked King 5
The Queen of Nothing 4

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