Discussion | Reflecting on The New Year’s Book Tag from 2019

Hello, fellow readers! I was reading a tag I did last January and thought it would be fun to reflect on the prompts and see if I accomplished some of the goals I set for myself in 2019! I have reposted the tag with my original answers and added my reflection for each prompt in italics!

The New Year’s Book Tag

1. How many books are you planning to read in 2019?

I set my Goodreads goal to 50 books, but I am hoping the number is closer to 75! Last year I read 55 books and did not read much before May, so I think I can read more than 50 books in a year.

So I did just barely meet my Goodreads goal of 50 books (51 books), so I got nowhere near 75 books! And I actually dropped my goal to 40 books in 2020. Check out my 2020 Goals post to see why I dropped my goal this year.

2. Name 5 books that you didn’t get to this year but want to make a priority in 2019.

I read three of these books: Hidden Bodies, Vicious, and Thunderhead.

3. What genre do you want to read more of?

I would like to try more adult contemporary or even literary fiction this year. I tend to shy away from these books, especially literary fiction, because I think I would read them slower. But I guess I won’t really know until I try!

I feel like I did meet this goal! There were more contemporary/romance books on my Best Books of 2019 list than I expected, which was a nice change from reading mostly mystery/thriller books in 2018.

4. Name 3 non book related goals for 2019.

  1. Complete my National Board certification. Pass or fail, I will feel accomplished for trying to achieve this honor.
  2. Finally reach my goal weight. I know it’s cliche to set a weight loss goal, but I already try to watch what I eat and I go to the gym regularly. But I would like to finally lose this last 10 pounds that I can’t seem to let go of!
  3. Travel somewhere new. Last year, my husband and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was the first time for either of us to cruise or leave the country. Somewhat scary, but we had so much fun! We want to travel to a new place this summer instead of going to the same places everyone else goes to for vacation.

So I did achieve National Board certification in 2019! I did not reach my goal weight. But I did travel to two new places in 2019 (Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. Paul).

5. What’s a book you’ve had forever that you still need to read?

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes! I think I will pick it up next, actually, so I can finally say I’ve read it!

Read it. Didn’t like it.

6. One word that you’re hoping 2018 will be:


I would say mission accomplished!

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