Review | Recursion by Blake Crouch

Hello, fellow readers! I finished my first book of 2020, and it was definitely a memorable one! I am so glad I finally picked up Recursion by Blake Crouch. I picked this as my Book of the Month pick in June 2019, and then I put it to the side, waiting for the “right time” to read.

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Recursion is a thrilling sci-fi novel about memory, time, and identity. Neuroscientist Helena has dedicated her life to preserving memories. New York City cop Barry is investigating a phenomenom known as False Memory Syndrome, a mysterious affliction that cause people to have memories of a life they’ve never lived. As Barry continues to investigate, he is suddenly thrown into an intense roller coaster ride he can’t escape.

I went in to this book not knowing much of anything about the plot. I read Crouch’s Dark Matter in 2018 and loved it, so that was enough for me to be interested in his next sci-fi book. Crouch has a way of explaining the science without taking you out of the story or making you feel like you are reading a physics book. He is definitely an auto read author for me now.

I had to really sit and think about this book before rating it and writing my review. I have settled on 4.5 stars because I think this is one of the most unique books I’ve read, even if it did go over my head at times. You will need to pay close attention to the date at the beginning of each section, or you will be very lost and confused, especially in the first two books (the novel is broken up into four or five books). I do think I enjoyed Dark Matter more than Recursion, but my expectations for Recursion may have been too high. Definitely give both of these books a chance, especially if you enjoy shows like Black Mirror or Electric Dreams.

You can join Book of the Month and choose Recursion or Dark Matter as an add-on while supplies last! Use the code HEART in February 2020 to get your first month for only $9.99!

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