2019 Wrap Up | 2020 Goals

Hello, fellow readers! I like to start the new year on my blog with my yearly goals for reading and my blog and bookstagram. This year I am making some significant changes but nothing too crazy!

Reading Goals

  • I have decided to lower my goal on Goodreads from 50 to 40 in 2020.
  • I am dropping my reading goal because this year I want to tackle some of the “big books” on my TBR. So in theory, I will read the same number of pages but fewer books.
  • I want to read more of the books I own and use the library more in 2020. I actually used the library a good bit in 2018, but then I acquired more books in 2019 and started receiving more ARCs.
  • Speaking of the books I own, I need to catch up on my BOTM backlist. I am a Book of the Month affiliate, which means I have acquired quite a few books from the monthly subscription box! I am already having a hard time saying no to the January box because I want The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James, but I feel certain my library will get a copy of this, so I am going to resist! My plan is to do a TBR jar of sorts with my BOTM titles and try to read one a month.
  • I did not buy a ton of books in 2019, but I do want to limit myself to only buying books I can’t acquire any other way. I received a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas this year, so I should be able to get anything I ever wanted as an eBook so I don’t have so many books cluttering my shelves.
  • Last year I resolved to use NetGalley less, but since I have a Kindle now, I actually want to use it more in 2020! eARCs will be more convenient and easier to acquire. Plus I seem to read eBooks faster than physical books for some reason!
  • I will continue my re-read of Harry Potter in 2020. I only read two of the seven books in 2019, so hopefully I will get to at least the next two since I have the illustrated editions of those books.

Blogging/Bookstagram Goals

  • I am changing my posting schedule up again in 2020. And by change, I mean I am abolishing it altogether. I struggled to fill three days a week with content sometimes, and blogging was becoming a chore this year. That is not why I started this blog.
  • Tag Tuesday will occur when I run across tags I like and want to do.
  • I will not be writing full reviews of every book I read in 2020. This was a hard one, but it goes back to blogging feeling like a chore. I struggled to keep up with reviews, and then it threw off my bookstagram posting because I was posting on bookstagram when the review went live on my blog. It was just too much for me to keep up with.
  • I am setting a more attainable goal of 3,000 followers on bookstagram and still shooting for 500 followers on my blog in 2020.
  • Half star ratings are coming back. I tried only rating with whole stars, but sometimes I needed that half star! I will still try to stick to whole stars as much as a possible though because it is easier on Goodreads.
  • And finally, I want to do more lifestyle content on my blog in 2020. Maybe one or two posts a month, but I would like to offer more than just bookish content. This might be a movie/TV show review, a favorites post, or just a Bullet Journal spread.

What are some of your reading or blog goals for 2020? Leave some (or all!) of your goals in the comments.

13 thoughts on “2019 Wrap Up | 2020 Goals

  1. My BOTM backlist is always a problem 😂 I currently have 4 waiting for me. Some of my goals are to read 50 books, use the library more and read a book from each continent, I do this one every year. Best of luck in 2020!


  2. Well I wish you luck! My goal is to become familiar with the blogging platform, I have started looking at other blogs and their creativity. I may change the look of my blog, I also want to share different topics, I have been writing about mental health as that is my line of work for the last 28 years. I have lots of different hobbies so I would like to make the blog fun and serious!
    Funny, I also want to start reading again, it is something I love but do not do it enough anymore. Since my farsighted has increase, reading feels much more difficult. I have a lot of books that I need to read. I also banned myself from buying books until I read all the books I have here at home.
    I hope to blog a little more, visit others blogs, read more books! I work three jobs so I am pretty busy but I enjoy this a lot, as it has helped me to be creative again! I will look forward to all your shares! Nice to meet you!


    1. Oh gracious! I work one job and can barely function, so I commend you for being able to juggle three jobs! I have found that audiobooks really help me fit in some reading time when I’m too tired or busy to read. It takes some adjusting to, but it makes a commute go by quicker! I also can’t listen to fantasy or some mystery/thriller books as audiobooks because I miss too many details. With romance or contemporary, if I zone out for a minute or so, I don’t feel like I’ve missed much!

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