Blogmas 2019 | How I Read Multiple Books in One Month

Hello, fellow readers! Today I am sharing some tips for you to read more books in a month. I work full-time as a teacher and I am married, so my time is limited, especially certain times of year (December and May) when our schedule is full with other commitments at night or on weekends. Sometimes I am too tired in the evenings to even think of picking up a book or I just want to be a couch potato and watch TV. These tips will help you find some hidden reading time in your schedule and hopefully help you read more during the month!

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Always have a book with you

I always have a book with me, even if it is just an audiobook or ebook on my phone. You never know when you will have some extra time to kill! Sometimes I can get a few pages in at a doctor’s office or when I’m waiting to meet someone. You could also read on your lunch break if you have one!

Listen to audiobooks

Audiobooks have been a gamechanger for my reading. When I am in a slump or know I am going to be very busy and have limited reading time, I will start an audiobook. I listen on 1.5-1.8x speed usually and mostly listen in the car on the way to work, the gym, then back home. That amounts to almost an hour of the audiobook per day, so I can usually listen to one book in a week! Occasionally I will also listen to an audiobook while I clean too.

My favorite service for audiobooks is Scribd, which is a mostly unlimited subscription service of audiobooks and ebooks. They have the best selection at the best price in my opinion. Sometimes my selection is limited for a week or so, but I still find the $9 price worth it. One audiobook with other subscriptions costs $15, so even if I only read one book on Scribd, I am still spending less money! Typically I read two to three books per month on Scribd. You can try Scribd for free using my link here.

Read multiple books at once

When I was a kid, I always read multiple books. When I started reading again last year, I was limiting myself to one book at a time. But now, I will have up to three books going at once! I am usually reading a physical book, audiobook, and ebook at any given time.

Read in the car

When my husband is driving, I always grab a book for the road! It very rarely bothers me to read in the car. We drive about 30-40 minutes to visit friends a couple times each month, so that is a perfect time for me to read a few pages that I would not get to otherwise. If reading in the car makes you sick or gives you a headache, then you could try listening to an audiobook.

Don’t be afraid to DNF

This is probably the most important tip. I forced myself to finish books that I wasn’t enjoying last year. As a result, it took me twice as long to finish the book because I didn’t ever want to pick it up, which means I lost time I could have been reading something I did enjoy. Don’t be afraid to put a book away if you aren’t enjoying it! You can always come back to it later if you really think you’ll enjoy it.

What are some of your tips for reading more books every month? I would love to hear them!

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