Discussion | Books on a Budget, Part 5

Hello, fellow readers! Today is the final post in my Books on a Budget series! I hope you have enjoyed this series. I plan to do more series like this in the future! The final post in the series will focus on websites where you can buy books for reasonable prices. Now, I am not saying you should stop supporting bookstores, especially your local independent stores. However, sometimes you want to buy some books but need to stick to a budget.

**Note: There are affiliate links in this post.


This is my favorite website on the list. BookOutlet offers bargain books at a great discount. They also sell “scratch and dent” copies for an even bigger discount. Occasionally, they run seasonal sales where you can save additional money. I’ve also seen vlogger friends have discount codes posted on their Instagram pages, so it is worth following them so you don’t miss a sale.

If you’ve never ordered from BookOutlet, you can use my link here to sign up. You will save $10 off your first $25 order.

Book Depository

Two reasons I like Book Depository. 1.) They ship free worldwide, so it is perfect for international giveaways on Instagram. 2.) You can buy different editions of books not for sale in the US. The prices are mostly cheaper, but I would still price check before buying a US edition that you might find at your local store in the bargain section.

I am a Book Depository affiliate, which means I receive a small commission from purchases made using my link. You can click here to use my affiliate link.

Half Price Books

I have never purchased anything from Half Price Books online, but if you are lucky enough to have a store near you, I highly recommend you check them out! Some books are not “half price,” but they do have great prices on used books.

Bonus: They will buy books from you too! I have only visited Half Price Books on vacations, so I haven’t been able to try selling anything, but I’ve seen videos on booktube where people have been pleased with the money they received in exchange for their books.

Visit Half Price Books website here.

Did I miss a budget friendly book store? Let me know in the comments below!

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