Review | We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

Hello, fellow readers! Even though I did not love the second book in the Summer trilogy, I decided to finish it because the books are short and super easy to listen to. I am SO glad I decided to go ahead and finish because the final book ended up being my favorite of the trilogy!

We'll Always Have Summer

**MAJOR spoilers for The Summer I Turned Pretty and It’s Not Summer Without You are in this review.

Description: Belly is finishing her freshman year of college and has been dating one of the Fisher brothers for two years. Belly discovers her boyfriend has made a mistake and she must decide once and for all who her one true love is.

What I Liked: This book is how your do a love triangle! I felt like the love triangle was too forced in the second book. In The Summer I Turned Pretty, it is clear who Belly wants to be with but we are given subtle hints that one brother feels more connected to her than the other. But that is never explored, so in the second book, the love triangle didn’t feel natural to me. Belly has grown up a little bit, which was a welcome change.

What I Didn’t Like: So as a woman in my 30s reading this book, I had to say I slightly disagreed with the boyfriend’s mistake because technically, they were broken up, even if it had been a brief and fresh break up. I’m not saying that I justify or agree with his actions, but as an adult, I feel it was blown out of proportion just a bit. And I certainly didn’t agree with their solution to moving past the mistake! But it did add a certain level of swoony, angsty YA drama that I live for in the summer.

Final Thoughts: I felt like We’ll Always Have Summer was my reward for powering through the first two books in this series. I gave this book five stars because I finally got on board with the romance and appreciated that some loose ends and unanswered questions were finally addressed. This book made the entire series worth it.

Listen to the audiobook by signing up for a free two month trial to Scribd here.

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