Review | The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

Hello, fellow readers! I am way behind on reviews, but I am working hard to catch up this month since I know I will most likely read less in August! I read The 7 1/2 Death of Evelyn Hardcastle in July. This was one of my most anticipated books from 2018, but I never got around to reading it.

Description: So without giving too much away, the general concept of the book is a Groundhog Day scenario. The main character wakes up everyday and relives the day at the Hardcastle Manor. Their task? Solve the mystery of who killed Evelyn Hardcastle. The catch? The main character wakes up in the body of a different host every day and will jump back and forth between hosts if their current host falls asleep or dies.

What I Liked: The concept was great and sounded like my kind of book. I love a good murder mystery and the added sci-fi/fantasy element really increased my interest in the plot.

What I Didn’t Like: The book was extremely too long. By Day 7, I didn’t care anymore. I also felt it was way too confusing. I regretted not making notes as I read, but honestly, a book feels more like homework if I need to write down notes to understand what is going on. I also didn’t feel the ending came together nicely like most reviews have stated. If anything, I was more confused and didn’t really understand any of it.

Final Thoughts: I gave this book three stars because I do think it was a good book, but it did not meet my extremely high expectations. I did not know going in that the timeline would jump around (for example, the character may be on Day 5 and if that host fell asleep, then the character would jump back to Day 2). Overall, this will be on my most disappointing reads list for 2019.

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