Review | Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Hello, fellow readers! If you are on bookstagram or booktube, you’ve probably know about this super hyped chick-lit book. I won a copy of Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey from a giveaway and decided it would be a perfect beach read.

Description: Georgie is a 23 year old woman who runs her own business as a clown for children’s birthday parties. Her family still treats her like a child and doesn’t take her seriously even though she wants to grow her business into something bigger than a one-woman clown gig. Travis is a former baseball star who is back in town after an injury ended his career. He feels sorry for himself and needs a distraction, so he begins working for his best friend, Stephen, at a construction business. Stephen and Travis were best friends in high school and Stephen is Georgie’s sister. When Travis has a major chance at a career, he and Georgie devise a plan to fake date so Travis will be taken seriously and Georgie will be seen as an adult by her family.

What I Liked: The concept of the book was intriguing and seemed like a perfect rom-com beach read.

What I Didn’t Like: Honestly, this book was a hot mess. The story did not flow well at all. I am still not sure if the entire book took place in a week or a month. The story went from steamy (and somewhat cringe-y) scenes to totally normal storyline on the same page. This is my first Tessa Bailey book, so I don’t know if that is the norm for her books. Most of the time I felt I was being told what happened or how a character changed rather than seeing it happen myself.

There was a side plot that I found so boring that I would skim those pages. I felt the side plot was halfway created to open the possibility of a sequel/spin-off. If the side plot “women’s club” (seriously, grown women getting together to vent and drink should not be called a club) had not been added in, this book would have been a respectable 275 pages, which is what it should have been.

I don’t read steamy books, so this was new for me and I don’t know what is considered good or bad in that area. However, I felt Travis had the most awkward dialogue during those scenes. There was also an overuse of the term “baby girl” by his character. He was calling Georgie that before they even decided to fake date, and I found that very weird.

Final Thoughts: I gave this a very generous three stars and I don’t even know why. I think I’m still riding the hype of this one, but I can’t say that I completely enjoyed this book. I liked the concept for a summer/beach read, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. If steamy chick-lit is your thing, you will probably love this, but it just wasn’t for me. I will stick to Christina Lauren books for chick-lit in the future.

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