Discussion | Books on a Budget, Part 2

Hello, fellow readers! I am continuing my series on acquiring books on a budget! Today I will be talking about two (mostly) free options that are not the library!

You can read my tips on utilizing your library in Part 1 of this series.


If you are on bookstagram or book Twitter, you have probably noticed that people post alot of giveaways on both platforms. Giveaways are win-win for everyone. The person hosting the giveaway gains new followers and the winner gains books, bookish items, or gift cards for books. I have only won two giveaways on bookstagram, but it is always exciting to win!

If you are on Goodreads, you may or may not know about the giveaways section of the website. I do not find Goodreads to be very user friendly (another post for another day), so I was surprised when I came across the giveaways page on the website. I’ve won an eBook from Goodreads, but I know people who win tons of books all the time.

Finally, if you have Facebook, you may noticed sponsored posts from publishers or authors in your feed. I have won alot of ARCs entering these contests! My bookstagram and Facebook are not connected (I use separate emails for both), but Facebook knows all, and I started seeing these posts shortly after joining bookstagram. I enter these giveaways all the time and have had the most success with winning this way.

Book Swaps

This one should be obvious, but I’ll admit I don’t utilize this option often. I have done book swaps on bookstagram, but I also joined some book swap groups on Facebook. The concept is pretty simple-find someone who has a book you want and swap with them! I usually do this with books I know I will never read again or don’t care about owning. Book swaps do cost you a little bit of money because usually the two people swapping just agree to pay the postage to send their book. If you ship using media mail with USPS, it is usually $3 or $4 to ship, which is really not that bad.

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