Review | The First Mistake by Sandie Jones

Hello, fellow readers! I have been in a terrible reading slump for about two months, but I am happy to report that I seem to be coming out of the slump because I flew through this ARC in three days. I could have read it in one sitting if I wasn’t studying!

I am going to recommend that you skip the synopsis for this book. I will be including one in my review, but you will enjoy this more if you go in blind.

Spoilers in my review but I have a warning so you can skip them! If you have read the book, I would love to discuss my spoiler-y thoughts with you!

Description: The story follows best friends Alice and Beth. Alice is a successful interior designer who lost her first husband, Tom, unexpectedly, but has remarried the perfect man. Nathan. Beth is a single mom who struggles to make ends meet each month. Alice begins to notice strange behavior from Nathan and begins to suspect her marriage is not as perfect as she thought.

What I Liked: Sandie Jones’ writing is lovely. I flew through the book and it was so easy to read. I read 50 pages the night I started the book before I even realized it! The book is told in three parts: Part one and three are the present time and part two is a flashback. I did like the part two flashback and I feel it helped tie everything together and confirmed my predicted ending.

What I Didn’t Like: If you read a lot of thrillers, you will feel spoon-fed during this book. I had everything worked out before part two but kept reading because I thought maybe there was an epic twist and that the ending I had guessed was a red herring. Nope. It really was that easy to work out the “twist” ending.

MAJOR spoilers ahead




Okay, two things really bothered me about the story. First, Beth’s daughter is the same age as Alice’s second child. Beth claims her child’s father is Alice’s first husband, but her first husband has been dead more than eight years. It bothered me we are supposed to overlook that detail. Second, I did not like that Alice saved Beth at the end. Sure, Beth had been through something terrible and she thought Alice was in on everything, but Beth was still a horrible person to make Alice think that Nathan was cheating and Tom had cheated. She knew all along that her Thomas was in fact Nathan, but she let her “best friend” think that her first husband cheated. Beth even created a fake Facebook profile to mess with Alice and make her think Tom was alive somewhere! I mean, with a few more chapters, the author could have really made Beth the villain here because she was kind of crazy! She went to extremes to mess with Alice, and I didn’t agree with their “female power” ending of never letting a man come between them. Beth is the one who came between them with her lies.




End spoilers

Final Thoughts: If you need a quick beach read, I do recommend The First Mistake, but I don’t think it brings anything new to the thriller genre. I initially rated this four stars but bumped my rating down to three stars after sleeping on it. If I was doing half star ratings, I might would bump it up to 3.5 simply because I did enjoy reading the book even though I had the ending worked out.

The First Mistake will be released Tuesday, June 11.

4 thoughts on “Review | The First Mistake by Sandie Jones

    1. It’s been several months since I read this, but my review does say that Beth’s daughter is the same age as Alice’s second daughter. I think (and again, it has been awhile so I’ve forgotten most of this book) my issue was I thought the second daughter was Alice’s second husband’s child, not her first husband’s child. Maybe I am mistaken about that, but that entire part of the plot felt messy to me because Beth was claiming her child’s father was Alice’s first husband’s child. The timeline was not clear to me.


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