Review | The Pandora Room by Christopher Golden

Hello, fellow readers! I was lucky enough to receive an eARC of Christopher Golden’s second book in the Ben Walker series, The Pandora Room. I read the first book, Ararat, earlier this year and enjoyed it but not as much as I expected to. I had already requested this ARC and decided to see if he improved some of the issues I had with the first book.

Description: A team of archaeologists discovers hidden room in the underground caves they are exploring. Inside the room is ancient writing and a mysterious jar. The team determines they have found the mythical Pandora’s Box. They try to keep their discovery secret, but governments begin to lay claim to the jar and jihadi forces are attacking, forcing the team, along with Ben Walker, to remain in the caves. But people are suddenly feeling sick. And they are beginning to see things in the shadows. The team races against time to find a way out of the caves before they are trapped there forever.

What I Liked: I am a sucker for horror stories in caves, so I had a feeling I would like this book better than Golden’s first installment to the Ben Walker series. I thought he set the atmosphere better in The Pandora Room than he did with Ararat. Golden really throws us in to the story in the first chapter and then things never really let up. There was more action and less standing around arguing, which was an issue I had with Ararat.

What I Didn’t Like: Just like with Ararat, I feel there was a lack of character development. I don’t know if Golden overwhelms himself with his large cast in each book, but by the last 30% of the novel, I was having trouble remembering who was who except for Walker, Kim, Sophie, and Dr. Yang. I never felt like I connected with any of the characters.

Final Thoughts: If you like scary stories in caves, I highly recommend you check this out. I gave The Pandora Room four stars because it was very unnerving and there was some scary scenes. I dare you not to feel like you have a sore throat by the end of the book.

Listen to the audiobook by signing up for a free two month trial to Scribd here.

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