Review | Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

Hello, fellow readers! I feel like I have been in a reading slump since February. Nothing I read in March was holding my attention, and I was starting to burn out on reading every single day. I was in a fantasy mood after my last read but also kind of just wanted to read something that didn’t require much thought or attention. So I finally decided to listen to my first Christina Lauren book on Scribd.

Description: I don’t even know how to really describe this book other than Josh and Hazel met in college when Hazel threw up on his shoes at a party. Flash forward ten years. Both have successful careers. Both are single. And both have a common person in their life. Hazel being the carefree spirit she is decides that she and Josh are now going to be best friends, despite their chaotic past. Josh’s two year relationship suddenly comes to an end, and Hazel encourages him to start dating again. Instead, they begin setting each other up on blind double dates.

What I Liked: This book is hilarious. I listened to the audiobook on Scribd, and I was laughing so hard one day at a red light that I had to turn my head to the side before the car next to me thought I was insane!

What I Didn’t Like: There wasn’t anything I really disliked about the book. I will say things got a little steamier than I was expecting, but there is probably way steamier writing out there.

Final Thoughts: Is this your typical, predictable chick-lit book? Yes, but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment one bit. I gave this five stars. It was the perfect book to pull me out of my reading slump and I can’t wait to read more from Christina Lauren.

Listen to the audiobook by signing up for a free two month trial to Scribd here.

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