Monthly Favorites | March 2019

Hello, fellow readers! I have been failing at sticking to my posting schedule since spring break, and I do apologize for that! The last quarter of the school year always has me super stressed preparing for end of the year testing, so honestly, I haven’t gone shopping to have new favorite clothes or beauty products! I just kind of crash after school and on the weekends, which is really depressing me, but summer will be here soon!


I started watching One Tree Hill on Hulu this month and I am ashamed at how obsessed I am with this show! The drama is absolutely ridiculous, especially after season five, but I still watch two to three episodes every night. I still remember the major plot points, so I can do other stuff while it is on and it is a good show to fall asleep to at night.

My husband and I also did our yearly rewatch of Breaking Bad this month. That show is so good and I never get tired of it! I always seem to find something I missed the last time we watched the series. Breaking Bad still has one of the best series finales I’ve ever seen.


My current favorite shoes are my Madden Girl Baailey sneakers. You can find them, or any similar shoe, in all the shoe stores! I prefer the Madden Girl brand because they seem to have more arch support and cushion than others. I wear them with skinny jeans to work all the time lately! I have two pairs that I bought last year, but they look pretty dirty after a year of wear. Luckily, these shoes are so cheap ($25 or less!), so its not a huge deal to upgrade them this year.


I switched from winter fragrances to spring fragrances this month. Currently I am loving the Scentsy Body products in Sea Salt and Avocado (shameless plug since I am a consultant!) and the Sleep Aromatherapy lotion from Bath and Body Works.


I decided to get a bit more serious with my “diet” this month and started intermittent fasting in March. You basically fast for 12+ hours and only eat in a small window of time. The idea is your body begins to burn fat for fuel. The first week was rough, but I find that having coffee in the morning really helps me make it to 11:00 when I break fast each day.

Anyway, I also decided to cut back on carbs because I am carb sensitive and seem to lose weight when I restrict carbs, so I have to get creative with some of my snacks. I discovered this month that I love pork rinds with guacamole dip! I know it sounds weird, and it is, but you honestly forget you are eating a pork rind instead of a tortilla chip.

I also experimented with my Instant Pot over Spring Break and made boiled peanuts. I love to eat boiled peanuts, especially in the fall during football season, but I crave them other times of the year too. My dad gave me some of his peanuts he bought back in the fall and I have been making a batch each week for an afternoon snack.

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