Monthly Favorites | February 2019

I don’t have that many favorites this month. I have been studying for my National Boards test, so I have been limiting TV time. I also haven’t been shopping any, so I don’t have many new things to talk about. I’m sure I will have more favorites in March because I usually got shopping during Spring Break!


My husband and I watched three documentaries this month: The Ted Bundy Tapes and the two Fyre Festival documentaries. I was not too familiar with Ted Bundy, so I found the documentary to be very informative. I see why people have long been obsessed with him. Then we binged both the Netflix and Hulu documentaries on the Fyre Festival, which I will admit I knew absolutely nothing about. I don’t know how I managed to miss that fiasco. The Netflix documentary was better, in my opinion, and it showed more scenery from the Bahamas,


My rain jacket that I got for Christmas has been my best friend this month. I think we have gotten rain at least 20 days this month. I find it hard to dress up when we have nasty, muggy, rainy weather here. I also purchased a sherpa housecoat from Old Navy that I have been eyeing since October. I found it on clearance for around $13! Super cozy to throw on around the house when we do have a cooler night but don’t necessarily need to run the heat!


Since winter is over where I live (sad! I hate hot weather), I had to pull out my self tanning lotion early this year! I use the Target brand gradual tanning moisturizer. I used Jergen’s for years, but I prefer the Target brand because it is cheaper and it does not smell bad!


This month, I made a recipe called “Crack Chicken” in my Instant Pot because it is considered low-carb. I am addicted! I’ve made it two weeks in a row now for my lunch at school. I like to fill half of a bell pepper with the chicken and baked it in the oven. Very filling and yummy! You can find various recipes for Crack Chicken on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Favorites | February 2019

  1. Great post!

    I still haven’t watched the Fyre documentaries yet, but I heard about that when it happened. Sounds so crazy.

    You’re so lucky the winter weather is over where you live. I so miss spring and summer like weather.


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