Review | No Exit by Taylor Adams

Hello, fellow readers! In December, I chose No Exit by Taylor Adams as one of my books for my Book of the Month (BOTM) subscription. I finally started reading it the last day of January, and it was a wild ride!

Description: I can’t say too much without giving alot away, but No Exit takes place at a rest stop in Colorado during a terrible blizzard. Five strangers are stranded together at the rest stop. Darby is desperate to get home and goes outside to find a cell signal. What she finds sets off a chilling game of cat-and-mouse that take place over the next 12 hours.

What I Liked: This book was a super fast-paced, easy read. I read 100 pages in an hour without even realizing it! It was a nice change from the typical formula for a psychological thriller. I am a sucker for a thriller where people are trapped together and being trapped in the mountains at a rest stop during a blizzard sounds like my worst nightmare! I did predict part of the story (and then jokingly predicted the other part, not really thinking it would happen!), but it did not take away from my enjoyment of the story. I also felt the characters were well-developed considering the entire book takes place over about twelve hours.

What I Didn’t Like: There is violence and some gore in this book, which I am not a fan of. Some of the cat-and-mouse scenes became repetitive, but when you have one setting, you tend to run out of scenarios I’m sure. I was a little disappointed that the book revealed the “villain” so quickly (probably within the first 50 pages, but I don’t have my copy to check that), but the twists and turns made up for the early reveal.

Final Thoughts: I rated this five stars because I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience and did not want to put the book down. I am trying to be less stingy with five star ratings in 2019! I enjoyed the book so much, I passed it on to my dad so he would have something to read after surgery. My dad does not read books often, but he read this one within two days! He couldn’t put it down and also really enjoyed the book. Plus it was nice to be able to discuss with him. We both agree No Exit would make an excellent movie.

You can sign up for BOTM using my link here and choose No Exit as an add-on book.

You can also order No Exit from BookDepository here. A small percentage of your order goes to supporting my blog.

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