Monthly Favorites | January 2019

Welcome to the first post of my monthly favorites! Each month, I will post a short list of the non-bookish things I am loving the most at the moment. I am still a book blogger first, but I really want to grow beyond the parameters of book reviews and book tags this year. Hopefully these posts inspire me to try new content ideas as the year goes on!


You, Lifetime TV series-I finally finished this Lifetime adaptation of one of my favorite books of 2018. I thought the show stayed true to the book and watching it has me motivated to finally pick up the sequel, Hidden Bodies.

Hell House LLC-I love to watch scary movies, but there are rarely any new or fresh ideas out there anymore, especially in the found footage genre. Hell House LLC was the exception though! I have seen this on Amazon Prime several times, and it looked like a low budget disaster. Then I saw people raving about it in a Facebook group, so I decided to try it. Don’t watch alone at night!


So I honestly don’t keep up-to-date on current music anymore, but I only just realized this about myself this month. I did, however, find a playlist on Spotify that is instrumental pop covers and I love playing it in my classroom! The music is recognizable to the students, but the songs are very mellow and keep the students on track. Plus, I just like instrumental music!


My current favorite things in my wardrobe are my new grey Uggs (that I can’t wear because it won’t stop raining where I live!) and my cozy sweater that I bought at Old Navy after Christmas. I love that it is a greyish-brown color, so I can throw it on over everything I wear if I get cold.


I am loving my Philosophy moisturizer for anti-aging. It provides my oily skin with enough moisture to be soft, but not so much that my skin feels extra oily. I use it very sparingly, which probably helps my skin not feel greasy.


I don’t have any particular favorite food or drink items, but I am addicted to my Insta-Pot I got for Christmas! It is too convenient to be able to cook frozen chicken if I forget to lay it out in the mornings.

I have also been using my espresso machine at home more this month. I typically only use it during the weekends because it is a process. You have to brew the espresso first then you can froth the milk. I wish I could motivate myself to wake up maybe 10 minutes earlier so I could make a latte every morning. But I know that will never happen!

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