2018 Wrap Up | 2019 Goals

It is hard to believe that we have made it to 2019! I spent November and December reflecting on my social media, blog, and reading goals. I have set the bar pretty high for myself this year, but with the bulk of National Board certification behind me, I feel I can achieve these goals!

Reading Goals

  • I am aiming to read four books a month this year. Originally I had set a goal of 75 books for the year, but sometimes I get too focused on having an impressive book stack for my monthly wrap up and forget to actually savor and enjoy the reading experience. I am hoping to end up with 50 books read by the end of 2019.
  • A re-read of Harry Potter is happening. I. Can’t. Wait. It has been years since I actually read the books, and my husband bought me the illustrated editions, so that has motivated me to do a full re-read of the series this year.
  • I will not be making monthly TBRs this year. I will have seasonal TBRs. For example, I read more contemporary in the spring/summer and more thriller/horror in the fall/winter. I have mentioned many times that I am a mood reader, so I think eliminating a set TBR will help me be more motivated to read and have less reading slumps.
  • I need to knock out some of the books I bought over the past year, so I will be following the “read two, buy one” rule this year. I can only buy a book after reading two that I already own.
  • I will stay off of NetGalley as much as possible! The first half of 2018’s reading was not good because I discovered NetGalley and went crazy requesting books. Many of the books I requested were “Read Now” and I didn’t realize it, so I ended up with a ton of mediocre books that I felt obligated to read because A.) I requested it and B.) I wanted to have a good review percentage so I could be approved for more popular releases. In any case, I ended up not liking about half of the books I requested through NetGalley, so I feel like I wasted my time on those books. Plus, I really don’t like eBooks that much, so its hard for me to motivate myself to read one.

Blog/Bookstagram Goals

  • I am changing my posting schedule up some in 2019.
    • I will, unfortunately, no longer have a Thriller Thursday review posts, but that will be moving to my bookstagram instead! Some months I read more thrillers, and I had a hard time keeping up with the reviews, and then other months I read maybe one thriller so I wasn’t able to stick to my schedule.
    • Tag Tuesday will continue, but posts will be every other Tuesday.
    • No more monthly TBR posts (as stated above), but I will still post monthly reading wrap ups. I will be changing the format of my wrap up and seasonal TBR posts as well.
    • Monthly Favorites posts are coming as well as a page to track all of my books and ratings for 2019!
  • I really want to take my blog more seriously this year and see it grow. I want to have 500 followers by the end of the year.
  • I want to up my game on bookstagram posts and take better pictures. I have DSLR and I am pretty comfortable using it, but it is so much easier to snap a picture with my phone and edit it on Instagram!
  • I want to have 5,000 followers on bookstagram by the end of the year.

Did you set any reading goals for 2019? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

6 thoughts on “2018 Wrap Up | 2019 Goals

  1. These are awesome goals. ^_^

    I’ve also been thinking about growing my blog for a while but I’m quite the introvert. One goal I really want to achieve is putting myself out there more and trying to connect with more likeminded people. 🙂


  2. I liked your blogging goals. I also am so in the habit of snapping photos with my phone even though I have a DSLR & love it. #LazyGirl And the NetGalley dilemma, my downfall as well. I’m not staying away completely, but limiting myself to 5 requests per month. Hopefully I stick to it! May your 2019 reading be lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! My phone is way too convenient for snapping a quick Instagram post, but when my husband bought me the DSLR two and a half years ago, I set a goal to get comfortable shooting in manual. I can’t even remember the last time I picked it up now! 🙈

      Liked by 1 person

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