Blogmas 2018 | My Christmas Wishlist

As you get older, your Christmas wishlist begins to shrink every year. This year was probably the biggest wishlist I’ve had in a few years. Now, I certainly do not expect to get all of these items, but this was my list for Santa this year.

1. New UGG boots
Yeah, I’m “that basic girl” who still wears UGG boots, but I’ve had the same pair since probably Christmas 2013, and it is time for a new pair. I don’t even have to have the actual UGG brand.

2. The illustrated editions of Harry Potter
I am 99% sure I’m not getting these this year, which is a shame because the set was on sale for $50 on Amazon around Black Friday. I should have bought it for myself then!

3. A lightweight rain jacket
I have a rain jacket from college, but it is too thick for the hot summers we have where I live. I picked one out online and showed it to my husband, so we shall see if I get it!

4. An Instant Pot
I do happen to know I’m getting one of these, and I am so excited about the idea of cooking frozen chicken on a whim after work.

5. A new iPhone
Now, I know for sure this is not happening for Christmas (and I would feel like a brat if I got this along with the other things on this list!), but I have been wanting an iPhone Plus for awhile. I have an iPhone 7, and nothing is wrong with it except the battery life now sucks after two years of use.

Normally, I never have this many “big” items on my Christmas list! And, as an adult, I typically buy whatever it is I’m wanting throughout the year anyway. What is on your Christmas list this year? Which gift are you most hoping is under the tree on Christmas morning? Let me know in the comments!

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