Blogmas 2018 | Bookish Gift Ideas

Holiday shopping. You either love it or hate it. I honestly don’t think there is an inbetween. I hate it because let’s be honest-most of the people we buy for want/need nothing. But if you are struggling for some last minute gift ideas for your bookish friend or family member, I am here for you today! There are ideas for every budget here: my bookish gift ideas start as low as $9.69!

1. Book Cart, Amazon, $48.99
I love book carts! My book shelves are upstairs, and it would be nice to have one of these cart downstairs so I could have my current TBR stack within easy reach (because I’m lazy sometimes!). This particular cart from Amazon comes in three colors (and it’s eligible for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping!).

2. Book Light, Amazon, $15.99
When we were traveling last month, I was unable to read after about 5:00 because of the sunset. I did not want to turn on an interior light in the car, so I had to put my book away just as it was getting good. Devastating to a bookworm! One of these book lights would have been so convenient that day, or for when I want to read in bed at night.

3. Library Card Tote Bag, Amazon, $20
I love this tote bag from Out of Print! Bookworms love tote bags and we can never have enough! These are perfect for taking to the library or a quick shopping trip to the bookstore.

4. Just One More Chapter Pillow, Amazon, $9.69
I love a good throw pillow because it is something I don’t really ever think about buying for myself. This one is exactly what all bookworms are thinking every night- “Just one more chapter.”

5. Book of the Month Subscription, BOTM, Prices vary
If you don’t have time to wait for a gift to be shipped, you can also give the gift of a Book of the Month subscription (or any of the other book subscription services out there!). With BOTM, you get to choose between five books each month and it is only $14.99 a month. If you like more than one book, or missed out on one the previous month, you can add-on a book for only $9.99.

6. The Harry Potter Illustrated Edition Box Set, Amazon, $71.99
Recently, the Harry Potter books have been re-released in several special editions, but this is my favorite. This box set is a steal at $71.99 because each book individually sells for $39.99. You can also buy the individual books for around $25 on Amazon right now.

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