Discussion | Overcoming a Reading Slump Part Two

Today’s post is the second part of my Overcoming a Reading Slump series! Today I will be giving you some tips on overcoming a reading slump when you just can’t seem to get motivated to pick up a book. I will be taking a week off from posts during the week of Thanksgiving, but regularly scheduled posts will be back beginning Tuesday, November 27!

I have gone through several reading slumps this year. Most of the time, I find myself in these slumps because I have read too many books (especially too many of one genre) and feel burnt out. I am currently in a reading slump after all the thriller/spooky books I read in October. As soon as I finish Stalking Jack the Ripper, I will be switching to contemporary or fantasy for a change.

Here are a few tips for when you are experiencing a reading slump.

1. Pick up an old favorite.
Sometimes the best cure for a reading slump is to go back to one of your favorite books. There are a couple reasons for this. First, a favorite book does not require your full attention because you know what happens. But reading it keeps you in a bookish routine. Second, a favorite book will remind you why you like to read in the first place and keep you motivated to continue reading.

2. Try a novella or short story collection.
Maybe you just finished a big book or read several 300+ page books in a row. You are probably feeling overwhelmed about picking up another big book, and it is preventing you from reading at all. So try a short story collection or even a novella from your favorite series!

3. Try a new format.
Audiobooks are my go-to for pulling myself from a reading slump. I usually listen to contemporary books rather than read them. They are perfect for your daily commute or treadmill time.

4. Visit a bookstore.
Take a trip to your favorite bookstore and see if you find a new book that piques your interest. There is nothing more satisfying than ordering a cup of coffee and wandering around a bookstore for an hour (or two!) alone.

5. Hide your phone (or your remote!).
When I am having trouble enjoying reading, it is usually because I am spending too much time scrolling through social media on my phone or watching Netflix. I recently tried an experiment in which I left my phone in another room completely when I wanted to read. I was more focused without the phone next to me, but as soon as I went to get it, I lost all focus. The same can be said for the remote. Sometimes its easier to turn on Netflix than to pick up a book.

6. Do the “Try a Chapter” challenge.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my TBR and it pulls me in to a reading slump. This is where the “Try a Chapter” challenge comes in handy! I have done this before and it works! Pick 4-5 books from your shelves and read the first chapter in each one. See which book captures your interest the most and pick that as your next read. I did this with The Dinner List, and it really helped pull me out of a slump.

7. Don’t force it!
Much like the book hangover, sometimes the best cure for a reading slump is to let it run it’s course (much like a cold!). Sometimes you need to step back and enjoy life outside of books. Maybe this means more social engagements with friends and family or maybe it means more Netflix time. If reading feels like a chore, you will not enjoy the book, so don’t force yourself to read!

Did I leave off a tip for getting over a reading slump? Let me know in the comments!

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