Blogoween 2018 | Horror Movie Tag

Sorry Tag Tuesday is a little late today! Enjoy my answers to the Horror Movie Tag! This is my next to last post for Blogoween. My final post will be my October wrap-up tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed the spooky content, but I am ready for Christmas cheer!

1. What is the first horror movie you remember watching?
I can still remember being in 4th grade when my dad let me watch Sleepy Hollow with him. I didn’t sleep a wink that night!

2. What is your favorite horror movie?
Halloween (1978) or Scream (1996)

3. What is your favorite horror movie genre? Least favorite?
If I want to be really scared, I like a supernatural horror movie. I also like the classic slasher movies. I don’t like the torture porn movies or creature movies, especially zombies.

4. What genre scares you the most?
Haunted house/supernatural movies are the only ones I find scary. Slasher movies make me anxious but usually not scared.

5. What is the last horror movie you watched that actually scared you?
Annabelle: Creation. I got to a part where the demon speaks, and I had to turn that off. But I was home alone at night, so that played a part in my fear lol.

6. Who is your ultimate scream queen?
Jamie Lee Curtis for sure.

7. What’s a concept that you’d like to see in horror?
Less remakes, more original stories.

8. What is your favorite on screen kill?
I can’t think of one really. I don’t like gory movies and it seems strange to have a favorite death scene lol

9. What’s your favorite horror franchise?
Halloween and Scream. I never get tired of them! I’m watching Halloween II right now lol

10. Who’s your favorite horror director?
Wes Craven probably. I haven’t really watched enough John Carpenter movies to say he is a favorite. James Wan also makes great movies.

Leave me an answer to your favorite question in the comments!

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