Blogoween 2018 | My Favorite Spooky Movies and TV Shows

Hello, readers! I mostly focus on books and reading here on my blog, but I can’t let October pass without talking about my favorite spooky movies and TV shows! I am going to try to keep it to thirteen because ’tis the season for unlucky 13.

13. Goosebumps the TV Series (1995-98)
This show is so cheesy, but if you grew up reading the Goosebumps books series, chances are you also watched the TV show. I skip alot of the episodes, but I will always watch The Haunted MaskA Night in Terror Tower, and One Day at Horrorland during the Halloween season.

12. Trick ‘R Treat (2007)
This horror/comedy anthology movie is a must during Halloween. If you have not checked out this underrated film, you really need to add it to your movie marathon this year. The movie features four scary stories that take place on Halloween and all feature an appearance by the mysterious trick or treater, Sam.

11. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
I have a special appreciation for 80s horror movies, These stories were all original and represent more creative days in Hollywood. This movie about the mysterious Freddy Krueger is sure to keep you awake all night!

10. House on Haunted Hill (1959)
Everyone should watch this classic horror movie at least once in their lives. The black and white cinematography makes this movie all the creepier, but the true shining star of this film is the iconic Vincent Price.

9. Halloweentown (1998)
Is this Disney Channel Original move still relevant? Absolutely. I still remember being scared by the movie theater scene as a kid! Marnie and her brother follow their grandmother home to Halloweentown and discover their family is a bunch of witches. This movie definitely deserves a watch each year.

8. Stranger Things (2016-)
This part horror, part sci-fi show is a Halloween must in my house. I can’t say enough good things about Stranger Things. I love the throwback to the 80s and the mystery is always intriguing. I really wish Netflix had surprised us and had season three premiere this month, but I think we have to wait until next summer for more adventures in Hawkins and The Upside Down.

7. The Descent (2005)
I still remember going to the theaters to see this one and how I felt when I left. This is such a unique story about a group of thrill-seeking women who are going cave exploring after one of them has lost their husband and daughter in a car accident. The women think they are exploring a cave that is not necessarily that thrilling, but it turns out they are exploring a cave that is not charted. And no one knows they are out there. So you know this will not end well.

6. Scream: The TV Series (2015-)
Ignoring the fact that MTV screwed the entire series up for season three (which still has not aired), the first two seasons and Halloween special of this show that was inspired by the original Scream franchise is a must watch for slasher film fans. I am still disappointed that MTV decided to reboot the series with a new cast and story without fully tying up the first two seasons, but I still re-watch this show at least once a year.

5. Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990-96; 1999-2000)
I watch this 90s show all the time. I think you really had to grow up with it to appreciate the show, but some of the stories are still really creepy if you watch them in the dark. Some of the effects and dialogue is cheesy, but it was the 90s, so what do you expect? Oh and ICYMI, I wrote a post about my favorite episodes that you can view here.

4. As Above, So Below (2014)
This is one of the newest movies on my list, and one that I consider to be very underrated in the horror community. A young woman explores to catacombs of Paris on her search for the mythical philosopher’s stone. If you have read Dante’s Inferno or are familiar with it, I think you’ll really appreciate this movie. This is probably the only found footage film I have ever truly enjoyed. You can actually watching it on Netflix now, so I have been watching it weekly!

3. Hocus Pocus (1993)
Hocus Pocus has been a Halloween staple since I was a kid. I have always loved this movie, and I make a point to watch it on Halloween every year. I did read the new book over the summer, and it was okay, but nothing lives up to the original tale of the Sanderson sisters.

2. Scream (1996)
I actually hated this movie when I was a kid because it was so terrifying to me! Thankfully, I grew to appreciate this movie once I was older. I love that the movie is very aware of itself and makes fun of itself (and other movies) in the process.

1. Halloween (1978)
Do not bother with the Rob Zombie remakes. You have to go back to the original master of horror and watch John Carpenter’s classic. This is non-negotiable. I could write a novel about why this movie is great, but alot of my love for the movie now comes from nostalgia. But I think this movie deserves alot of credit for the rise of the slasher sub genre. And the fact that this movie was filmed on such a shoestring budget is amazing. I think I read once that the cast got their wardrobe from JCPenney’s or wore their own clothes. Carpenter made the score for the movie himself, and it is now iconic. There was not a ton of blood and gore, so they relied on the audience’s imagination during the kill scenes. And it is the movie that gave Jamie Lee Curtis her start and the reason she is the original Scream Queen. Obviously I have alot of love for this movie, so it should go without saying that I will be seeing the new sequel this month! (Update: You can view my review of the new movie here.)

Did I leave off one of your favorites? Make sure you leave a recommendation in the comments!

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