Blogoween 2018 | Halloween (2018) Review

Today’s Blogoween post is a little later than usual. I went to see the new Halloween movie this afternoon, so I will be giving you my review today. I am a huge fan of John Carpenter’s original 1978 movie and the (relevant) sequels. Yes, I even watch Halloween III: Season of the Witch every year. But I do not watch Rob Zombie’s attempts at the franchise.

The important thing to remember about 2018’s Halloween is that none of the other movies exist in this timeline. There are three timelines for the sequels to the original movie. You could watch Halloween (1978), Halloween II (1981), Halloween IV (1988), Halloween V (1989), and Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers (1995). This timeline follows Laurie Strode in the first two movies and then picks up ten years later with Laurie having died in a car accident and leaving her daughter, Jamie, an orphan. I like IV and V for what they are, but I have only watched Curse one time. It really goes off the rails of the original story, and I like to pretend it does not exist.

A second timeline to the franchise ignores the Jamie storyline completely. After Halloween (1978) and Halloween II (1981), Halloween: H20 (1998) picks up 20 years after the original story with Laurie having faked her death and changed her name. In this timeline, she has a son instead of a daughter. This movie should have been the end all, be all to the franchise, but in 2002, there was another sequel, Halloween: Resurrection, that found a way to explain how Michael survived H20. This movie has a small cameo by Jamie Lee Curtis at the beginning, but other than that, the movie was a massive bomb.

The third timeline is the remake/reboot to the franchise by Rob Zombie. And that is the most time I will give to his movies in this review.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch was John Carpenter’s attempt at creating a sort of anthology series where each movie would be a separate Halloween story, but it was a flop because people wanted more Michael Myers. I enjoy the movie for what it is, but I pretend it is not meant to be part of the Halloween universe.

Okay, so now that you have had the backstory on the Halloween franchise, you need to forget everything except the 1978 film. Carpenter never intended for Laurie and Michael to be siblings.  The 2018 movie establishes very early in the story that it is “just a story that people made up to make themselves feel better.” In this movie, it is Halloween eve/night, 40 years after the night Michael killed two babysitters and a teenage boy. Laurie is the only babysitter who escaped and is now living in isolation in the woods. She has severe PTSD and basically lives in a fortress-there are cameras everywhere, a fence surrounding the property, and some other tricks about the house that I won’t spoil. She and her daughter have no relationship because Laurie basically trained her like a soldier as a child because she always knew he would escape and come back.

The movie opens with a duo entering the state hospital where Michael has been held for 40 years. The duo is making a podcast on serial killers, so who better to seek out than Michael Myers. One of the podcasters has Michael’s mask from his killing spree 40 years earlier. Michael never reacts or speaks, but the mask clearly “awakens” Michael, and he escapes during a transport to another hospital the next day. Thus begin Michael’s trip back to Haddonfield and the murder spree begins again.

So while I don’t love that they did away with the Michael/Laurie sibling storyline, I have to say this movie satisfied me 110%. Jamie Lee Curtis is the final girl for a reason, and she shines in this movie. I wish we had gotten more of her in the movie than what we got, but the movie focused on Laurie’s granddaughter and the town for a good portion of the movie. I thought that was a smart move because if the filmmakers plan to have a sequel (and I’ve already heard there will be a sequel!), then they needed to move the focus away from Laurie a bit. There are already some interesting theories about where the sequel will go, but I will not be discussing that here because, spoilers, obviously.

Overall, I came out of the theater like a giddy fan girl. If you follow me on Instagram, then you got to see me fangirling on my stories. I thought the movie paid homage to the franchise as a whole really well, while also establishing itself as its own movie. The movie relies on atmosphere and builds tension well. It is similar to the 1978 movie in that it is not gory-there were maybe two scenes that were gory, but not over the top. If you are a fan of the original movie, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by this sequel that tells the story of Michael Myers that we have needed.

If you would like more movie or TV show reviews from me in the future, please let me know! I don’t go to theaters often, but I watch alot of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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