Announcements | Blogoween 2018

I have decided to participate in Blogoween 2018! Blogoween has three levels of challenges, and I will be participating in Level 1 so I can really spread out my posts and fully enjoy the spooky season! Basically, you commit to making fall/Halloween themed posts. Since this is my favorite time of the year (other than Christmas), I think I am up to the challenge! I will be posting more than just bookish content during Blogoween!

Here are the three levels for Blogoween:

Level One: 13 Days of Blogoween
– Pick any 13 days to post
– These do not have to be consecutive
– You don’t have to post on Halloween, but you can.

Level Two: Big Bad Blogoween
– Must post throughout 24th – 31st October
– 7 Halloween/Autumn inspired posts
– Must post on Halloween
– Can’t change level

Level Three: 31 Days of Blogoween
– Post something blogoween related every day
– Can mix Autumn themes into you post
– If it turns out to be too much, you can switch to Level One

You can read more about Blogoween here.

Sign up for Blogoween here.

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