September TBR | Books I Want to Read This Month

Hello, fellow readers! It is time to update my TBR for another month! September is finally here, which means cooler weather and Halloween is coming soon! I will be participating in the #ReadWhatYouOwn challenge from @anovelfamily on Instagram. You can join in by committing to read two books you already own in September or read only books you already own in September. I will be mostly reading only books I own (including ARCs I am behind on) except for the two books I have on reserve at the library. Seriously, one has been on reserve since July 31 and I’m #1 in line, so if it finally comes through in September, I am reading that book!

Library Books (already on reserve):



My Personal Collection

I thought it would be fun to do a little mini TBR tag each month:

The book that has been on my TBR the longest: At this point, People Like Us. Literally been #1 in line at the library since July. Which is really frustrating to me because I know my library doesn’t allow you to renew a book if someone has it reserved, so that means someone has intentionally just kept the book over a month at this point.
The book that was most recently added to my TBR: Rule because I just received the advance copy in August!
A book on my TBR that everyone else has read: Definitely Scythe
A book on my TBR that was a recommendation: Almost every booktuber I watch recommends Scythe.
The book on my TBR that I am most excited to read: Sea Witch! It was one of my most anticipated reads this summer.

This is probably an overly ambitious TBR but I am committed to reading some of my ARCs and books I bought over the summer. I am kind of on a book buying ban right now just because I know I need to read what I have bought, plus I am subscribed to two book subscriptions (more about that here).

One thought on “September TBR | Books I Want to Read This Month

  1. The TBR tag is such a great idea, I wish I had thought of that. I think I am super behind on my Pop Sugar at this point because I kinda forgot to look at it and focused on the books I already owned instead of finding books for the challenges. Happy reading!

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