Tag Tuesday | Try a Chapter Tag #1

August has been a hard reading month. I’ve been back at work for three weeks, so I’m finally in the swing of things but I am in a reading slump. I’ve read four of the five books on my TBR for the month. I am supposed to read A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell, but I’m not sure that is what I am in the mood to read. So I thought it would be fun to finally do the “Try a Chapter Tag” that I’ve seen in the bookish community!

So just in case you aren’t familiar with the tag, you are supposed to gather up some books, usually 3-5 in the vidoes and posts I’ve seen, and read the first chapter of each book. Then you choose your next book based on the first chapter that you read.

So let’s get started!

A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell

Since this is technically next on my TBR for the month, I thought I should go ahead and read the first chapter to see if I was in the right mood for this one.  A Simple Favor had a very short first chapter (eight pages) that was written in a blog format. So I guess the narrator is a blogger who picked her friend’s son up from school and now the friend is missing. Or in any case, she is not returning any texts or calls or attempting to contact the narrator. So I am intrigued, but I hope the book is not told in all blog posts because it seems the second chapter is also in blog format.

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

If you watch booktube, then you know what Scythe is about. I found this in the bargain section at Books-A-Million over the summer but haven’t been in the right mood for it yet. I read too much YA fantasy and burned myself out. The first chapter of this book was short and had me on edge the entire time.

My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

I bought this off of Bookoutlet on a whim last month. The first chapter of this magical realism/historical fiction book is twenty pages long, plus a three page prologue. I definitely enjoyed the story so far, and I was already laughing by the end of the first chapter. The book is definitely not what I expected because I did not realize/remember that My Lady Jane is a magical realism book.

I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski

So the first “chapter” of this book appears to be 108 pages, so I put it aside.

The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle

The Dinner List is the first book I received in my BOTM subscription. I was only mildly interested in it, but it was highly recommended. The first chapter drew me in way more than I expected and it was an easy read, which is something I need more of lately.

The Verdict

This is a really hard decision! I have to say, all four books were wise purchases because I liked all of the chapters I read. But I am going with The Dinner List for my next read because it is light and fluffy, which is what I feel like I need to read after the ARC I am currently reviewing! But as soon as I finish The Dinner List, I will be starting Scythe! And I may even start both books, it just depends on how my week goes!

I hope you enjoyed the “Try a Chapter Tag” post today! I thought this was alot of fun and now I see why it is a super popular tag on booktube! I will probably do this again in the future very soon!

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